Former SEAL Talks About ISIS Threat to American Schools

Former Navy SEAL Dom Raso has been a valuable asset for the National Rifle Association. His take on how our nation’s gun laws erode national security are straight forward and easy to understand.

His latest has to do with schools. American schools. And he’s not talking about colleges. Raso’s focal point are the softest of soft targets. They’re everywhere, they’re defenseless, and terrorists know it.


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Critics of Raso’s approach claim he’s doing the legwork for the terrorists. His supporters feel otherwise. When Raso points out that American schools are, by law, gun-free-zones–this isn’t news to ISIS.


Instead, Raso is trying to encourage the type of grass-roots activism that the built the NRA. He’s encouraging Americans to get over the denial and acknowledge that we have strategic weaknesses.

His call comes at the same time that ISIS has set up new parameters for its foot-soldiers. A new push encourages followers to carry out knife attacks in the style of serial killers. Kill, ditch the knife, run, hide, kill-again days later. Instill panic.


Raso’s take is that we need to guard our schools. “What’s the most important thing in the world to you?” He asks. The answer, for parents, is obvious.

“For ISIS terrorists, and the lone wolves they inspire, nothing is off limits; and nothing is too far.

President Obama wants you to believe otherwise. He talks about “universal values we all share,” as if Islamic terrorists are just like us.”


Then, for those who believe his argument is just paranoid exaggeration, he cites an actual example.

September 1, 2004. The first day of the school year in Beslan, Russia.

Soon after the bell sounded, a group of armed Islamic terrorists arrived in a police van and a military truck. They executed a coordinated operation on the school, immediately seizing over 1,100 hostages.


They rounded everybody up and took them to the gym, immediately identifying the fighting-age males, and killed all of them but one with explosives and automatic rifles.

Everything was planned in advance. They set up improvised explosive devices and tripwires throughout the entire school. They smashed out the windows to counter any possible gas attack.


For three days, they held the children and their teachers against the entire Russian Army and special forces.

When it was all over, more than 385 people—including children and teachers, parents and special operations forces—were killed.

How do we prevent something like that from happening here?


Protest the dangerous lie of gun-free zones. Question your school—and your child’s school—security standards and policies Demand that they make protecting your child their top priority. Keep calling until they fix anything that puts your child in danger. And hold those in charge accountable for it.

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