Love. It’s what makes a Subaru a Subaru. That and all of the Colorado hippies driving the all-wheel-drive station wagons around like stock car drivers on the snow covered roads outside of Boulder.

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But who am I to judge? I’ve put more than 400,000 miles on an old Outback. And it has had its share of issues, though I’ve never experienced anything like what you’re about to see in this video below.

07122016 c2

See the Subaru on the right? There’s a bear in there.

An anonymous Subaru owner in Colorado (no word yet on their hippie status) found out the hard way that a Subaru just isn’t the place to keep a black bear. This happened this morning, so we’re still piecing together the “story” as it is. And once you see the inside of this car, you know someone is going to have some explaining to do.

I’d like to start with this–how the hell did the bear get into the car int the first place? Those of the ursine persuasion are known for working their way into old mountain cabins, and cracking coolers like pinatas, but this is a Subaru. I assume the owner must have left it unlocked. When you’re that far out in the woods, you typically get lax like that.

07122016 c5

But then who was going to volunteer to let this bear out? The cameraman was getting up-close and personal with the bear in the car, but the car’s owner, I noticed, was conspicuously absent.


Two deputies from the Jefferson County sheriff’s office had to answer the call. The low-man on the totem-pole got the job of opening up the car.

07122016 c1

“I’m sure the owner of the car is pretty upset,” Mark Techmeyer, a sheriff’s office spokesperson, told the Denver Post. “But what do you do?”

And check out what the bear did to the car, trying to escape….

07122016 c4

I know what I do–I hand that bear the keys. It obviously wanted to go for a ride.

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