We regularly run feel-good news stories. This isn’t one of those. In fact, I’d say it was more likely a feel-bad piece, as you know that the tiger involved is going to suffer because an idiot did something stupid.

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Because that’s what happened. A Siberian tiger mauled a woman at a safari-style drive-thru zoo in China. The video below is shocking–but it doesn’t capturing the fatal mauling. Instead, it captures the idiot woman who began this terrible episode getting mauled.

But the idiot in question here survived. Her friend, the one who goes to rescue the idiot–we’ll call her the brave one–she got mauled by another tiger.

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Because that’s how tigers roll. They eat people for lunch. And the Badaling Wildlife World animal park near Beijing prides itself on its massive enclosure full of wild animals. They’re part of that wild habitat movement that takes away the cages and lets visitors drive through enclosures to see the animals up close.

So why does the idiot woman get out of the car and walk around to the driver’s side? I doubt she’ll tell us the truth. It looks a bit like a Chinese fire drill, if you’ll pardon the culturally insensitive pun. The driver, though, isn’t as eager to give up his seat. And while the woman’s back is turned, a tiger wanders up and hauls her off.

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The driver and a the brave woman passenger jump out and try to figure out how to rescue this tiny woman from this massicve cat. I imagine it is a scene that has beset many mice. It is while they’re running around, focused on the cat who has taken their friend, that the second tiger strikes.

Authorities, and every other living breathing human, is asking the same question: why did she get out of the car? There are numerous signs at the park read: “Cherish your life. Never get out of your car.”

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Nothing subtle about that.

Sadly, the zoo had been closed. Temporarily, we hope.

The Beijing Tourism website says that the park “rais[es] fierce animals in large groups in open areas.” It hasĀ 10,000 wild animals, and many predators at the top of their food-chains, including brown bears, leopards and wolves.

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