Fighter pilot. Test pilot. First man to break the sound barrier. Chuck Yeager is an American legend.

Despite his accolades and achievements, there’s one day he still calls “a dream”.

On November 27, 1944, Yeager was leading a flight of P-51 Mustangs when they encountered approximately 150 German fighters. Never one to run from a flight, Yeager dove into combat with his men and flew away with four enemy kills.

“That day was a fighter pilot’s dream. In the midst of a wild sky, I knew that dogfighting was what I was born to do.”

The after action report of that day is a testament to Yeager’s awesomeness:


I was leading Green Flight of Cement(?) Squadron on the escort of another fighter group which was to go strafing South of [illegible]. “[Illegible]”, the other Group reported bandits at 11 o’clock to us. The squadron turned left and we saw two gangs of E/A. One was 50 plus and the other was approximately 150 plus.

When we turned left, Cement(?) leader told us to take over since I was in the lead. I passed in front of the little group and climbed over the back of the large bunch to 32,000 ft. I [illegible] the last E/A which was a FW 190. He went into a rolling dive to the right and then pulled up into a tight turn to the right. I shot a side deflection shot from his right and I pulled back up into the bottom of the gang and another 190 jumped me. I broke into him and got a deflection from 90 degrees at around 100 yards. I got away strikes on the fuselage and the E/A started smoking and went into a dive. I followed it down to about 15,000 ft. and the E/A flew apart. There were no chutes.

I climbed back up to the tail-end of the gang and jumped another straggler. The E/A started a circling turn with me and I turned in and closed up to about 100yds. and shot a 30 degree deflection and got hits all over the ship. The pilot bailed out at around 25,000 ft.

I started back after the large bunch and saw another lone 190 circling around over to my left. I got into a ??? with him and again closed up to within 100yds at around 40 degree deflection at 29,000 ft. I fired a short burst and all the his were concentrated in the cockpit and a shoot of flame came out of the cockpit and the E/A nosed down in a dive on fire. I followed it down to 12,000ft. There was no chute.

I climbed back up to 35,000 ft. and followed the large gang which was whittled down to approximately 100 E/A now, all FW 190s. I started to make another pass down through the bunch but was jumped by a lone P-51. I broke into him and joined up and when I looked back the E/A were all splitting up and heading for the deck going east. None of the E/A that I engaged dropped their belly tanks and were rather aggressive when engaged.

I claim four FW 190s destroyed.

Ammunition expended: 809 rds. Cal .50 MG

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