Summertime wouldn’t be summertime without cold beer, watermelon, and water-sports. For those of you who live too far fro the ocean to make good use of the beach, we suggest this controlled chaos–lawnmower powered Slip-n-Slide inspired fun.

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The good folks at Slip-N-Slide, a product of Wham-O toys, would like for me to officially add a disclaimer here. While their patented product is easy to reproduce (after-all, it is just a sheet of yellow plastic), the potential for misuse is high.

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Wham-O’s Slip-N-Slide is meant for smaller people, moving a bit less recklessly. Their mode of acceleration is intended to be limited by the strength of their legs and (perhaps) a moderate angle of decent.

Yet, as more adults get all nostalgic for their lost youths, the Slip-N-Slide has become more of an adult thing. And as it is often combined with the consumption of alcohol, the propensity for misuse elevates accordingly.

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So what happens when Devin Supertramp and his team attach a tow rope to a riding lawnmower? It looks to me to be epic fun. Even as I’m typing this up, I’m doing the calculations in my head to see if my yard is big enough. This might be just the excuse I’ve been looking for to pony up for that riding lawnmower.

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As a cautionary note, I’d suggest ensuring that the blade isn’t spinning. Centrifugal force and the basic laws of physics should protect the slipper, but riding lawnmowers rarely come equipped with roll bars. Doing doughnuts might get the driver dizzy.

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And make sure your path is free of obstructions. The last thing you need is to be flung off the plastic and into a tree (a risk not usually assosiate with water sports) .For those camera geeks out there, this video was filmed using an LG V10 smartphone with a wide-angle lens attachment and a Glidecam.

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