Is This the Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle? [VIDEO]

I’m guessing Rick and Darryl (The Walking Dead) wouldn’t have nearly as many problems during their adventures if they had one of these bad boys.

Who wouldn’t want a tank-like vehicle that can stably drift on ice, cut through snow banks and pound over rough terrain like it’s the freeway?

It’s the Ripsaw by Howe and Howe Technologies. They’re known for manufacturing armored cars and military vehicles.

According to Top Gear’s analysis:

But the Ripsaw is the thing that’s really tickled our fancy. With what looks like a fuselage from outer space, two whopping great tank tracks – with adjustable pneumatic suspension – and a mid-mounted 650bhp blown V8, it resembles nothing so much as Sir Killalot’s daily driver.

In the video above you can see the Ripsaw in action: jumping its way over the snowy scenery, ploughing bulkhead-first into trees like an expensive weed-whacker, and, best of all, doing monster drifts on ice.

Through some classic anti-zombie weapons on there and you’d be ready to go. Check out that cabin.


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