Benz Packard isn’t your average kid, glued to a screen When he does tune in, he prefers “The Incredible Dr. Pol,” a National Geographic series about a Dutch veterinarian who works with livestock. Benz is a farm kid, and he’s grown up surrounded by big animals. So his request for the decorations on his birthday cake shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. Tractors, maybe. Or a barn.

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But this Canadian kid asked his mother Jamie for something very surprising.  To celebrate the big 4, Benz asked for a “cow having a calf” cake.

“His version of a bedtime story is paging through his treasured ‘Canadian Angus 2016 Bull Buyer’s Guide,’ which he plucked from the waste bin at the post office,” Jamie Packard told TODAY Parents. “So when he requested a ‘cow giving birth to a calf’ cake, I wasn’t the slightest bit surprised, just concerned as to how I was going to execute such a cake.”

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And so she got to work.

When my wife showed me the picture, without explaining what it was, I will admit that it took me a minute. There’s a lot of brown frosting. Then I saw it–kind of like the way you see a hidden picture. There it was, a little calf, peeking out.

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“It wasn’t something I could walk into the local bakery and order,” his mother said. “So when I realized it was something that was very important to him, I embraced it and started planning.”

“We tried. So there I sat, Google imaging ‘cow having a calf cake’ and guess what, there were zero results, surprise, surprise!”

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“So as I’m moulding rice crispy squares into little hooves I’m thinking to myself, no mother is ever really prepared for this kind of stuff. And as I’m applying cherry pie filling as afterbirth, I found myself thinking…Thank goodness it’s only family coming to this party!”

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“He fed cows, stacked bales and rescued baby kittens,” Packard said of her son’s of the birthday “party,” which–aside from the cake–would seem like work to most farm kids. “This year, all he wanted was to go to his Auntie Kristy and Uncle Darren’s ranch and do chores,” said Packard. “He loves helping them feed and milk the cows and pick the eggs. Pretty easy birthday request and the cake fit right in.”

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And how was the cake? “The cherry pie filling was hilarious,” said Packard. “I used it generously in between the cake layers for some added drama when it was cut into.”

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