Would you spend $45,000 on a pistol? Neither would I but this thing is awesome, even if it is a 1911.

Made from modern Damascus steel, solid gold, and freaking wooly mammoth tusks, this is pretty epic.

From the company’s website:

A sign of wealth since biblical times, Damascus steel was used to create the weapons of Kings and Chieftains. Valued for it’s beauty and strength, Damascus steel was not only an indication of power by it’s holder but was also considered to contain mythical properties. It is with this inspiration we have crafted this gun we simply call The Damascus.

To our knowledge the Cabot Damascus 1911 is the first traditional folded steel Damascus pistol ever produced. Other pistols described as Damascus are formed from powdered Damascus, not artisan true folded steel Damascus.

The grips for this pistol are also a work of art. Commissioned from sculptor and artist Brian Challis, the grips on the Cabot Damascus 1911 are created from an ancient tooth of the woolly mammoth. Other refined details include the Cabot Tri-Star trigger with a rounded front pad knurled on a rounded and radius pattern, yet another engineering feat.

The Cabot Damascus 1911 forms part of Cabot’s OAK (one-of-a-kind) Collection. Cabot’s OAK Collection firearms are investment grade pistols and pistol sets of unprecedented quality and rarity. Truly a masterpiece of hand-finished craftsmanship, the Cabot Damascus 1911 place in history has already been firmly established. What remains to be seen is whether or not its place in your history will be assured.

Sadly, Damascus pistols have already been sold for a whopping $45,000 each. If you’re still in the market for a the coolest handgun on the block, Cabot has something else for you – the Cosmos.

If you thought Wooly Mammoth tusk grips were impressive, how about grips made from a 4.5 billion year old meteorite.

If you decide to get one… feel free to send me a message. I’d love to put a mag through either of these.

Note: If you’re going to have a lady in your video say there’s no recoil, at least teach her to control the muzzle flip first.

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