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World champion shooter Jerry Miculek is known for his entertaining videos that he released on his Youtube channel.

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Recently, Jerry released a video of himself firing a pair of double barreled Arsenal Firearms AF2011, 1911 style, pistols.

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To make the video even more fun, it’s captured in ultra high speed high definition. You can actually see the rounds exiting the barrels in several frames of the video.

Jerry was able to fire 20 rounds in under 1.5 seconds using the two (four?) pistols. He claims to be the first person to accomplish this feet with semi automatic handguns.

Jerry Miculek is part of the Smith and Wesson competition shooting team. He is a Seven time USPSA 3-Gun National Championship, Four time USPSA Multi-gun National Championship, Twenty time International Revolver Champion, Eight time USPSA National Revolver Champion, and Ten time IDPA Enhanced Service Revolver Champion, among others.

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