Oksana Neveselaya teaches math. That’s the rumor on the internet, at least. And that would imply that this Belarusian bombshell is as smart as she is stunning, which may explain part of her viral appeal.

If smart is now sexy, as we’ve all been told, what does that make Neveselaya? All I know is that some of her students are pushing their way to the front of the classroom instead of hiding out in the back.


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But are they learning math? There are some impressive numbers behind Neveselaya’s success. She’s being called “the world’s hottest maths teacher,” all thanks to a video of her shot by one of her students went viral. The analytics on her Facebook page say traffic has increased more than 3,000%. That’s a lot of percents.


The video went viral on YouTube, and has generated many devoted remixes. Her Instagram account exploded, too. The video is simple–just her standing in front of the class in a grey dress. It doesn’t sound like a viral sensation, but it is. She owns the dress.


After the video of her teaching went viral, she began posting images of her on vacation at a spa in Malaysia. It is unclear if she was preaching the mathematical faith, or just taking some stylish snapshots.


On her Facebook page, Neveselaya says she wants to “show that sensuality and intelligence go hand in hand. This is likely to be a fundamental of her pedagogical approach to math, and not something common to the school’s curriculum. Her adoring students don’t mind, though.


Math. That’s what this is really about, though. And intelligence.


You know. For kids!


Here’s a nice photo montage. The soundtrack is horrid, though. Almost all of the videos of her out there have run a soundtrack over the math. I was hoping for a little David Lee Roth belting out Hot for Teacher–but who can afford the rights?

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