Bernie Sanders handed Hillary Clinton one of the worst losses in her political career last night, beating the former Secretary of State 60 – 40 in the New Hampshire presidential primary.

However, despite his massive win on paper, due to the Democrats nomination process, Hillary will walk away as the winner in New Hampshire with 15 delegates compared to Sanders’ 13.

This is because of a little known factor in the Democrats’ nomination process called super delegates. These delegates, unlike regular delegates, are not awarded based on how many votes a candidate receives in a primary or caucus, but are simply pledged based on the delegate’s choice.

New Hampshire still has two non-assigned super delegates, so in theory Sanders might be able to tie Hillary in the long run.

Currently, taking super delegates into account, Clinton holds a massive 394 – 42 lead over Sanders in the delegate counts.

Since many states award their delegates proportionally, that means Clinton could conceivable still win the nomination even is she loses a majority of states in close races.

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