Ann Coulter was absolutely destroyed when she attended the roast of Rob Lowe. The roast was filmed 10 days prior to its televised release and almost immediately word got out that the roast for Rob Lowe actually turned into the roast of Ann Coulter. For a woman who has made a career out of sarcastic and belittling comments herself, you would think that she would be able to handle herself at a roast. Think again.


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Coulter is a conservative commentator, writer, and columnist. Coulter prides herself on being someone who likes to “stir up the pot.” She says she doesn’t “pretend to be impartial or balanced, as broadcasters do. ” She has an opinion and shares it often – no matter if you agree with her or not.


Coulter claims that she “nailed” her part on the Comedy Central roast. She said that Comedy Central was out to make her look bad. “I don’t know how they edited it, but I know I got [the] laughs when I was there,” she claimed. “They didn’t seem to be wanting to do me any favors and you can do a lot in film editing. But yeah, I wish they’d just run the whole roast straight without their editing.”


Anyone that saw the roast knows that she did anything but “nail” it. Coulter only reinforced the preconceived notion that conservatives are heartless, elitist and bigots. Add to that, she made the right look as if they have no sense of humor.


While many couldn’t figure out why Coulter even agreed to do the roast, Coulter had her own reasons to be there, and it had nothing to do with comedy — or Lowe, for that matter. “I’m only here for all the love and respect I have for Rob Lowe and all of the talented performers tonight,” she said sarcastically. “It has nothing to do with the book I published four days ago.”'

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