Bond Gets New Gun For New Film – Heckler & Koch VP9


UPDATE: It looks like Bond actually might have taken the VP9 off of an adversary based on the following clip. It’s hard to tell exactly, but that could be the case. Regardless, the H&K pistol seems to be featured strongly in the film’s marketing so far.

A new image has been released from the upcoming Bond movie, “Spectre”.

It looks like Bond will be carrying an issued Heckler & Koch firearm.

The company’s latest firearm offering, the VP9, was released last year (product placement much?) to mostly positive reviews.


This actually isn’t the first time Bond has ran an H&K handgun in the Bond universe. During the early 80’s, Bond carried the H&K VP7 in two continuation novels written by John Gardner, “For Special Services” and “Icebreaker”.

However, as far as I can tell, this is the first time Bond will be rocking an H&K issued sidearm for a film, although numerous H&K firearms can be seen throughout the film franchise’s history.

The decision to move away from the Walther brand, which Bond has previously carried in most of the prior films, might have some fans up in arms. Of course, there is always the off possibility that the gun Bond is holding in this image was picked up somewhere along the way in his adventures and his iconic Walther could still make an appearance.

Here’s a quick history of Bond’s early guns.

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