Star Wars. The first three movies (parts IV, V, and VI) were great. The second trilogy, (parts I, II, and III) not so much. Thankfully the internet was there to save the day. All of the true die-hard fans had fan-art to fill the void left by George Lucas’s lackluster “films.” Disney’s kicking ass with their movies and shows, but there’s a whole new generation of fans, too, and this may be one of the best trailers yet for the upcoming Rouge One.

08202016 c8

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What makes it so good? The irreverent soundtrack. The Beastie Boys. Sabotage. This is one of those songs I can’t listen to without shaking plaster off the ceiling. It is frenetic cacophony. It is that sort of catharsis inspiring noise that very few women I know seem to understand.

Yet it fits this trailer perfectly. And I’m not even going to go insult it by calling it a mashup. While the Beasties are anachronistic for the star wars universe, they are an ideal score for the footage Disney’s already dropped.

08202016 c5

This one combines all of the footage released so far into one long trailer. It even pulls in some of the extra footage only available on the Star Wars Celebration sizzle reel.

08202016 c10

If that wasn’t enough, there’s a whole new host of Hollywood rumor surrounding the influence the Beastie Boys have had on director J.J. Abrams. Abrams frequently makes use of the band, and included them in the 2009 Star Trek.

Yet there’s a big fat Easter egg that almost everyone missed in The Force Awakens. An alien X-Wing pilot in the new film is named Ello Atsy.

08202016 c9

This is an homage to “Hello Nasty.” And if you look super close at his helmet, he has Aurebesh text on his helmet that reads ‘Born to Ill’. Cinematic homage coming full circle?

08202016 c12

“Born to Ill” is pulled from the “Born to Kill,” a prominent feature from Stanley Kurbick’s “Full Metal Jacket.”

08202016 c7

Kubrick pulled the line from a 1947 thriller. Nothing new under the sun.

08202016 c2

But I can’t stop playing this trailer. And that’s what sells.

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