SNL BRUTALLY Mocks Liberals Watching the 2016 Elections [VIDEO]

With controversial funnyman Dave Chappelle making his return to television, you knew last night’s Saturday night live would be an episode for the ages, and the iconic television show hit a high point when it took aim at Hillary supporters who assumed she was going to walk away with the White House.


The skit opens with three white Clinton supporters in a trendy New York apartment — and their friend Dave Chappelle. When one of the friends talks about Trump having lawyers on staff to “fight the results”, another nearly has a meltdown on the couch, saying “Don’t even joke about that or I will leave!”

The third friend then goes into typical Hillary supporter speak from that night: “Guys, we’re about to have our first woman president. This is going to be a historic night.”


The gathering of friends then discussed what they’ve heard from friends at the Huffington Post (“she’ll win by 5 points”), Slate (“she’ll win by 3”), when one says, “she’ll definitely win the electoral college, for sure. But I guess there’s like a nightmare scenario where he wins the popular vote.”

Chappelle chimes in with a simple “That’s your nightmare scenario, huh?”


Then we hear the friends go back to the Democratic hope line that “because of shifting demographics, there might never be another Republican President in this country” and then responding to Trump winning Kentucky with “of course he won Kentucky, that’s where all the racists are”.

When Florida is “too early to call”, the male friend decides he’s “going to call it now, Florida is going blue” and offers a toast to “Latinos”.


Moments later, one says “I just talked to my brother at CBS and he says Florida’s going to go Trump.”

Chappelle replies, “I guess the Latinos didn’t hear about your toast.”

That’s when another black friend, played by legendary SNL alum Chris Rock comes in asking “what did I miss?” to raucous applause from the audience.

I’ll let you enjoy the rest here. This is definitely one of the better SNL skits of all time.

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