Rob Riggle is probably most famous as the “IN YOUR FACE” cop from The Hangover, and now he’s going after the role of a lifetime with this audition tape.

A Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel (bet you didn’t know that) who deployed to Liberia, Kosovo, Albania, and Afghanistan where he earned his Combat Action Badge, Riggle retired on January 1, 2013 after 23 years of service.


Riggle heard about the Top Gun sequel and said: “If ever there was a role I was meant to play, it’s the role of Maverick’s friend. Or Maverick’s enemy. Or a guy that kind of knows Maverick. Whatever.”

So he teamed up with the Blue Angels to make the most dynamic audition tape ever – everything from sheer terror and excitement…


…to this convincing display of a pilot blacked out from too many G’s.



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