Those can’t be tears in Tim McGraw’s eyes, right? It has to be onion cutting ninjas attacking from somewhere.

“Alright, this is for Gracie,” McGraw begins. “We dropped you off at college this weekend. I want you to go and…kiss ass.”

And with a quick smile and a soft cheer from his band, McGraw begins the backstage serenade to Gracie, his daughter with fellow country superstar Faith Hill. The song of choice?

The 2006 hit song “My Little Girl”.

As big a star as McGraw is, 18-year-old Gracie has become something of a social media icon herself after pictures of her toting an AR-15 and a suppressed pistol made the rounds recently:

Gracie McGraw

The video was recorded live backstage of the Shotgun Rider Tour stop in Pittsburgh on August 30th.

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