There are some “challenges” that have gone viral in the last couple of years that actually benefit charities, or raise awareness of something worth knowing. And then there are the other ones. They’re much more fun to watch.

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Some of these challenges show just how challenged some people actually are. Take this one. The taser challenge. While the taser challenge’s origins are a mystery, the basics have remained the same. Take a stun-gun, and stun yourself. Only now, as it has evolved, the popular method is to stick something metal (like a knife) in your mouth, and then hit the switch.

Here’s an epic example. Isaiah McIntosh.

08292016 d4

A brief transcript for those who might want to watch at work, with the volume down:

“Hey. What’s going on guys. My name’s Isiah and I’m gonna’ show you guys a new challenge. It’s called the taser challenge. Are you down? Let’s find out. You know what I’m saying? This is what you do. You put the knife in your mouth–or any type of metal object–turn that bitch all the way up. Put it on there. Nice and smooth. Only real niggas do this shit. My nigga taught me this shit. Mm-hmmm.”

Then there is some flailing on the floor. I’d call it brief convulsions. Isaiah attempts to say a couple of expletives, but the best he can manage is a weak “hell-no.” It is down-hill from there to the end. The look on his face, though–as he’s cutting off the camera. That’s worth the price of admission.

08292016 d6

That look is the look of betrayal. Isaiah, it would seem, had been duped. The friend that told him about the “taser challenge” may not have demonstrated how it actually works.

A quick scan of YouTube shows that there are several variants of the taser challenge. Take this pair. The one on the right clenches his jaw so tight that he chips a tooth on the spoon he’s stuck in his mouth.

Or this one. This guy manages to stretch out the anticipation of getting zapped for close to 8 minutes, arguably more painful for the viewer than they are for him.

These videos are the best evidence I’ve seen that evolution is a myth. Clearly “survival of the fittest” isn’t working like it is supposed to.

And here’s some bonus footage for those who have made it this far and really have nothing better to do. Not for the faint of heart.

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