Back in 2001, Steve lost his job and ended up homeless in California. Forced to live on the streets, Steve found friends and companionship by adopting stray dogs.

Seeing a common bond between his plight and theirs, Steve started caring for every stray he came across. Even with his limited resources, Steve was able to care for more than 150 dogs over the past 14 years.


When a friend in Indiana offered to help Steve get back on his feet, it meant a trip halfway across the country without a car.

Many people would make the heart-wrenching decision to leave the pups behind to make the journey easier – but that was never a consideration for Steve.

The 2,000 mile trip kicked off with eleven dogs onboard an just six dollars in his pocket.


Kindness and generosity like that rubs off on people and Steve quickly had people drawn to helping him.

Alicia Edrington spotted him pedaling through West Memphis, Arkasas and knew she had to help. As she said on Facebook:

“God must have put this man on that road at that time for a reason because as I was returning to town i saw him. As I got closer I put on my flashers and slowed down to ask him to come across the road to a business because I had something for him. Once over there I introduced myself and he instantly started telling me all the fur babies names without even introducing himself.”

Alicia took it upon herself to reach out to animal lovers in the area and, within just a few hours, there were hundreds of people offering to help in any way they could.

The first order of business was to get Steve and the pups in a hotel to avoid a coming storm for the night.


The West Memphis Animal Shelter stepped up to the plate with a donation of 100 pounds of dog food while others contributed leashes, collars, and pet toys.

But nothing could prepare Steve for the kindness of Kelley Seaton. Seaton, an animal lover, heard about the situation on social media and drove from Tennessee to Arkansas to meet him and the pups – and then drove the family to all the way to Indianapolis.


As if that wasn’t amazing enough, one more surprise was waiting for them in Indianapolis… a new home. Another stranger who heard of their plight through social media donated a trailer so the coterie would have a place to live.

Local veterinarians have helped by making sure all of the animals are neutered, spayed, and vaccinated. And a GoFundMe page set up for the family has already raised more than $20,000.

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