Many of the readers of Controversial Times are young enough that there’s no chance they’d let their kids eat unwrapped Halloween candy. But there’s still that one house in every neighborhood giving out homemade treats.

But beware. There’s a prank being publicized now that suggests one devious way to get back at the most annoying trick-or-treaters is to dip Brussels sprouts in chocolate. So check your candy closely.


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The concept came from the devious mind of a British chocolatier named Andy Simpson. Simpson runs a candy store in South Yorks, England. He regularly visits schools to talk about his profession, and hatched this nefarious scheme on one of those visits. “I go into schools in the area to tell children where chocolate comes from. A lot seem to think it just appears in supermarkets and don’t realize it comes from the cocoa bean.”


“I am always looking for something new and with Christmas approaching Brussels sprouts immediately popped into my mind,” Simpson said back in 2011. And yes. You read that correctly. Brussels sprouts made him think of Christmas. That’s enough to confound an American audience, but worse yet is that Simpson didn’t think Brussels sprouts dipped in chocolate was a bad idea at all.

“On one visit I let the youngsters have a go at making chocolates, we tried using sprouts and they seemed to go down quite well with the kids.”


It wasn’t a prank at all! The kids ate them. Willingly.

“I decided to try them out on customers and they are proving popular and I’m hoping to sell a lot more to people looking for something a little different to have with their Christmas dinner.”


“I know Brussels sprouts are a bit like Marmite, you either love them or loathe them. I like them, they are a nice chocolatey shape but I must admit they are an acquired taste.”


The response here in America has not been so welcoming. Many see this as the perfect way to trick their coworkers, or their annoying neighbors into eating chocolate covered cabbage.


These folks have the right idea. They’ve made chocolates that look like Brussels sprouts. Those would go down easier. The video below has people actually eating them–their reactions pretty much say it all.

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