A video has been posted to the video sharing site Live Leak that allegedly shows a girl putting her boyfriend in a Jiu-jitsu hold in order to prevent him from starting a fight with another person.

The girl is able to maintain the hold despite the physical objections of her boyfriend and attempts by bystanders to break up the pair.

The move is called a triangle lock or triangle choke and is demonstrated in greater detail in this video:

According to the Wikipedia article on the move:

The triangle choke was seen in early Kosen judo competition, and Tsunetane Oda, a judo groundwork specialist who practiced in the early 20th century, demonstrated the triangle choke on video. The technique is often used in grappling and mixed martial arts, a notable early example being UFC 4 when Royce Gracie used the choke to defeat Dan Severn to win the tournament.

The standard triangle is particularly favored by practitioners of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, however several side or inverted triangles, typically seen more often in Judo competition, have been used in higher-profile MMA matches, such as when Toby Imada won 2009 Submission of the Year with an inverted triangle choke, when Welterweight Chris Lytle submitted Matt Brown with an inverted mounted triangle/straight armbar at UFC 116 in 2010, or in the Flyweight bout of Bellator LXXVII in 2012, when Matthew Lozano submitted Dave Morgan with an inverted triangle choke. McGeary faced Kelly Anundson in the finals at Bellator 124 on 12 September 2014. He won the fight via inverted triangle choke in the first round. It was the first time an inverted triangle was attempted in Bellator MMA.

Looks like this guy chose the wrong lady to make mad.

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