The guy driving this go-cart is living the dream. Grand Theft Auto style. This is what gangsta life is like in Oakland, California. Hot-wiring a go-kart is a lot easier that hot-wiring most of the cars on the road these days.

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And don’t you know that this just made the cop’s day? He gets a call for a stolen vehicle, and his adrenaline is pumping–but then he gets behind Mario here.

A Twitter user by the name of Tonka_Boy_Dre was lucky enough to capture part of the chase. It almost looks like he, and several others, were hanging out on the side of the freeway like spectators at a road race.

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The go-kart rider was one of a much larger pack of go-karts and dirt bikes and ended up being chased by an unmarked police truck on Interstate 880 in Oakland. No word yet on what the joy-riders were up to.

Sooner or later, there will be some epic dash-cam footage of the incident released. I hope it ends with the cops setting up a gauntlet that funnels the perpetrator into trap, complete with tire strips. Then the go-kart driver could make a break for it, and sprint for the treeline before a mob of jacked up California cops dog-pile on the poor miscreant.

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This is the type of criminal we need more of in this country. We used to idolize criminals like this, write songs about them, and turn them into folk heroes. And since there’s not much info yet on who this guy is, why not?

I think this guy is a hero. If you know anything about the roads in California, you’ll see that this is the fastest traffic has moved in years. Every got in behind the cop and just ran with the momentum.

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