When Eugenio Soracco saw a thief ride off with his friends motorcycle, he did what any normal person would do.

Eugenio chased the thief down and kicked the motorcycle, sending him flying to the ground.

The thief was taken into custody by King County, Washington Sheriff’s deputies and treated for a broken hand at the hospital.

No charges have been filed against Eugenio and that has been a hot topic of conversation on Reddit with users citing the Washington deadly force statutes and their applicability to this incident.

I think I know where he learned his finishing move…

The technique works well against other motorcycles, but not as well against cars:

According to the YouTube description:

Was riding and saw my friend Luis’s bike that got stolen.. So I take off after the guy and told him the bike is stolen then he takes off again.
he broke his hand and got what he deserver asskick. the thief was wanted for warrants due to theft

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