There was something strange happening at the ATF a few years back. Apparently they’d devised a way to convert airsoft guns into full-on, Real-Deal-Holyfield machine guns. They’d even seized and destroyed a shipment from Taiwan. Well, we’ve all been waiting patiently for the youth of America to figure it out, but alas….

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Check out the video below. It is worth watching, just for the performance from ATF Special Agent Kelvin Crenshaw. Crenshaw spoke out about the seizure of 30 airsoft guns bound for an Oregon store.

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The initial justification was that the guns lacked the orange muzzle devices that denote that they’re not real guns. That part may is understandable. Toys that look like real guns have gotten kids shot with real guns. Adults, too, for that matter.

But then the feds made the audacious claim that these could be converted into machine guns.

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Perhaps, if the material were recycled, and the aluminum and steel used in a very conservative fashion, you might come up with a gun that could fire a round or two, at most.

Here’s why almost everyone who knows anything about anything is still laughing at the ATF’s claim. These guns are coming in from Taiwan. They’re airsoft guns. Taiwanese imports–especially toys–are not known for their MILPSEC attributes.

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The materials necessary to build a rifle are, by there nature, more durable–and therefore expensive–than those used to fire plastic BBs. And the guns have all kinds of safety mechanisms built into them to prevent anyone from accidentally loading a real 5.56 round into an airsoft gun.

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Brad Martin , who runs Airsoft Outlet Northwest, was the business owner waiting on the original shipment. How did he feel about the seizure? “[Crenshaw] spent all this man power and tax dollars and time–and wasted my time, my money, and my profitability, to seize 30 toy guns. That’s what he’s done. And he’s portrayed himself as a great hero.”

So how did the feds do it? Where is there proof? They never produced any evidence that they guns were, or could be made dangerous.

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