This is what happens when the wife says to stop launching fireworks outside.

Chase, Kelly, Chris and Ryan are a group of friends from Dallas, Texas who decided to continue the festivities – and the fireworks show – inside the garage.


The guys were not willing to throw all thoughts of safety out the window – they donned Army issue Advanced Combat Helmets (ACHs) and body armore – or at least a couple of them did. The rest are too manly for that safety crap.

Once the fuse was lit, you can tell they are already regretting their decision a little bit.

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Following the explosion, cursing and the laughter that only comes from being terrified and surviving fill the air.

“Hey, we are still alive,” one of the guys says almost surprised.


Looking directly at the camera, one horrified man warns viewers: ‘Don’t do that.’

Brandishing an injured arm, he reveals that he suffered grazing from the explosion.

‘I can’t even hear anymore,’ another claims as they inspect the damage caused inside the smoky garage.


“Don’t do that”


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