Is there anything more enjoyable than stupid criminal videos? This one may be the pinnacle.

After the defendant vehemently claimed he and his friend did not steal the plaintiff’s purse, Judge Judy asks the plaintiff to summarize what exactly was stolen.

“My wallet,” she says.

“What’s in your wallet?” Judge Judy asks.

The plaintiff responded: “Fifty bucks. I had to replace all my ID’s. I had gift cards in there. My earpiece… and a calculator.”

And that’s when the world’s dumbest criminal chimes in: “There was no earpiece in there, ma’am.”

The Judge and the entire crowd laugh out loud and she says: “I love it… I love it. Judgement for the plaintiff for $500.00”.

The unknowing confession seemed to have slipped past the criminal because he seemed confused why the case ended so quickly.

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