Sometimes your “good-guy-with-a-gun” stories aren’t about guys at all. Take this case out of Oregon. A mother walked in on an unknown intruder in her daughters’ bedroom. She happened to be armed.

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Gun-grabbers would have you believe this sort of thing doesn’t happen. No one ever defends their family with guns! And it is even less likely that a mere woman would be able to pull off such a cavalier act. And never in Oregon.

Yet, here you go. The mother arrived home, late, with her two daughters. When she went into their bedroom, she found a man there. Some reports claim the man was hiding, others say she found him asleep.

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Her daughters, ages 5 and 10, were behind her. The 33 year old woman confronted the man and shot him. Officers found the 59 year old male dead where he fell. He has yet to be identified.

“Great for her for defending herself and her family, but … I think it’s unfortunate too, though, that it has to come to that,” a female neighbor told the Portland-area television station KGW.

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To hell with that. Unfortunate? I wonder if the neighbor is a parent. Perhaps she would have baked some brownies for the intruder and then lured the man outside, patted him on the bum and sent him on his way.

No. This is a predictable ending. Ask anyone who has ever seen a mother bear defend her cubs. Nothing short of death itself will stop some parents from protecting their children, but why should it come to that?


At the outset, this seems to be what I’d call a good-shoot.

An autopsy will be performed Monday, though I think I know what they’ll find. Officers have not arrested the mother, who they said is cooperating with investigators.

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