Back in the late 90’s, pizza delivery vehicles all sported signs saying drivers never carried more than $20 in cash. The no-cash-on-drivers policy was meant to protect drivers, who were constantly being targeted by petty thieves looking for soft targets.


And it must have worked. Drivers are targeted less frequently. Now the thieves show up at the pizza restaurants in hopes of finding the money the drivers have brought back. Sometimes, though, they find some well-prepared drivers who are anything but soft.


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This is one of those instances. A Pizza Hut employee on the west side of Charlotte, North Carolina, took his security seriously. When armed thugs entered the restaurant after it had closed for the evening on Sunday, the employee wasn’t about to give up the store’s cash.

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Police, infamous now after the most recent Black Lives Matter rioting, were called to the store at 1:38 a.m.  When they arrived, they found Michael Renard Grace with a gunshot wound.


Officers pronounced Grace dead at the scene.

The police reported that three assailants entered the restaurant to rob it. As they were in the process, the unnamed employee drew his personal handgun and shot at the men. It is unclear if any of them shot back, though investigators did find a handgun at the scene that was being carried by Grace, the robbery suspect, at the time he was shot.


The other two robbers quickly fled the scene when the shooting started. They left on foot and have not yet been caught. This incident is the most recent violent crime in the neighborhood which has seen a dramatic increase in burglaries and robberies in the last few years. Residents are not surprised by the news and some characterize the attempted robbery as an act of desperation that indicates just how bad, financially, times actually are.

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