A robbery in Fort Lauderdale, Florida didn’t go as smoothly as the robber would have liked. Curtis Sanders, 30, held up a convenient store last week, and the whole brutal episode was caught on the store’s security camera.

Sanders made a big mistake when he drew his gun, though. His hold-up ended in a hail of bullets, and he took most of them himself. It turns out his soft target wasn’t all that soft after all. In fact, Sanders’ victim was armed.


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Sanders walked into the store confidently, and pulled the gun. He pointed at the man behind the cash register. Sanders, hiding behind a rubber Halloween mask, approached the clerk and demanded money.


The clerk, though, wasn’t about to let this end the way Sanders had wanted. He was armed. And even though he faced a significant disadvantage, he drew his gun from concealment. As he was doing so, Sanders shot him in the face.

A shot like this might well have ended the gun fight, but not this time. The clerk ran. Sanders jumped over the counter to chase the clerk down, but when he rounded the corner of the counter, the clerk shot him multiple times.


Sanders collapsed on the floor. At first, he lay motionless. But then he comes to and pulls off his mask. At this point, his face is clearly visible to the store’s cameras.


Sanders, giving up on the robbery, fled. His wounds were bad enough, though, that he wasn’t hard to find. He was arrested, and then taken to the hospital for treatment.


The clerk’s wounds are not thought to be life threatening. Sanders faces felony charges of armed robbery, attempted murder, and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon. The upstanding citizen had already served at least five years in prison for burglary and grand theft, sources report.

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