More than three years ago, then 25-year-old Dana Vulin was left to die after an intruder broke into her home and set her on fire:

“During the early hours of February 16th 2012, this woman broke into Dana’s apartment with a male accomplice, doused Dana with methylated spirits and set her on fire whilst laughing and watching her burn alive, causing horrendous third degree burns to 64 percent of her body and face.”

After too many surgeries to count, Dana just released new pictures of her mind-blowing recovery. She proudly writes:

“I’m going to make this burn my b*tch, I’m going to kick it in the face and I am going to rock scars, look hot with my scarred-up body and just make this work.”

The injuries caused by her attacker and the fire left her hospitalized and covered in bandages from head to toe:


Dana awoke after 10 days in a coma to find a face she could not recognize in the mirror:


Dana refused to let some intruder destroy her life and used her incredibly upbeat attitude to get through extensive surgeries and rehabilitataion:


Her indomitable spirit, will to fight, and incredible medical team has left Dana more beautiful than ever:


She’s also not afraid to show off her scars and is a true inspiration to others:


The intruder that set Dana on fire and left her to die was sentenced to 17 years in prison.

Dana says her recovery is still continuing and has set up a crowdfunding account for the next round of surgery. She has raised more than $65,000 but the expected cost is close to a quarter of a million dollars.


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