Married just six weeks before her husband, Army Air Corps pilot Billie Harris, shipped off for World War II, it took Peggy Harris 68 years to learn his fate – and the legend that surrounds him.

Peggy was originally told Billie was killed in action but the Army quickly reversed itself and said he was alive and well and would be coming home. Another gut wrenching reversal left the Army saying Billie had, in fact, been killed in action.


But there was no record of where or how Billie died, and no record of his final resting place. Despite letters to Congressmen over the decades, the mystery went unsolved and Billie was officially classified as MIA – Missing in Action.

Almost seven decades later, a relative learned that Billie was in fact buried at the American cemetery in Normandy, France and that Billie’s plane had been shot down over the small town of Les Ventes.

Peggy made the pilgrimage to that small town and learned that her husband is a legend in the town. In fact, the main street of the town is named Place Billie D. Harris.


She even had the opportunity to meet the sole living person who witnessed the crash. The two are seen in the video walking arm in arm through the very woods Billie’s plane went down.

Asked by an interviewer how long she waited for Billie, Peggy’s simple answer is “all my life.”

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