Nothing brightens your day more than a good cop story!

The Kalamazoo, Michigan police department took to their Facebook page to praise a pair of officers who went above and beyond the call of duty to help a man in need.

Officer Joe Hutson saw a disabled man trying to mow his yard while in his wheelchair and knew he had to help.

After a quick call for assistance (“Officer needs a leafblower” must have been one hell of a radio call), his partner John Khillah and their shift sergeant, Ken Skibbe, arrived with push mowers, weed trimmers, and a leaf blower – and they manicured the lawn to perfection.

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“Many citizens stopped to view the kindness and compassion these officers displayed in helping a fellow citizen,” the department wrote on Facebook.

Special thanks to these officers and all the others for everything they do to protect and serve their community day in and day out.

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