Pro Tip: If you’re going to try to rob someone at close range, make sure he’s not a UFC fighter.

This story is actually from a few years ago but has been making the rounds on social media again… and it’s a great story.

Actually, you can probably avoid the guy who’s 6’2 and 250-pounds while you’re at it. That just seems like a bad start to your master plan.

But, Anthony Miranda ignored that little bit of common sense when he put his handgun to the head of a man sitting in a car.

Justin, who asked not to be identified, said he was waiting in the car for a friend when Miranda approached and put the gun to the side of his head.

He said: “He asked me for my wallet, for my phone and my keys. I told him I don’t have a wallet, I only have cash. He cursed me — like ‘m***** f*****’ and said he would blow my brains out.”

Miranda then ordered Justin out of the car – and that’s when Justin made his move.

Using his training, Justin knocked the gun from Miranda’s hand, causing the gun to go off, striking Miranda in the ankle.

Justin told local media: “The round went off. I put him down to the ground. He was fighting. He didn’t want to give up and was begging me to let him go.”

The two “exchanged blows” but it’s pretty clear from the mugshot who got the worst of that exchange.

Justin said he never really felt afraig: “I wasn’t scared because I’m trained. I don’t feel like a hero. Training matters. If you’re well trained, you have a chance to survive.”

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