Just because someone professes faith in a religion, and adorns themselves in the outward trapping of their faith, it doesn’t mean they abide by all of the religion’s rules. But here’s a new twist on the old favorite “thou shalt not steal.”

This brazen shoplifter found a convenient way to hide her purloined goods. Instead of having to stash stolen items in her pockets, or down her pants, she simply stuffed them into her hijab.


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All of this happened in a supermarket, where woman was caught red handed stealing items of clothing, food, and other sundries. She was checking out with other items when store employees forced her to come clean.

The incident was captured on camera–and the footage is grainy, but it is easy enough to understand what’s happening.


She unloads at least nine items, including what appears to be a rather sizable bottle of Fairy liquid–a dish-washing soap popular in England.

As the man and woman begin searching her, the woman grows more and more frustrated. Her facial expression shows her increasing anger, and then she begins throwing items on the floor.


Her hijab is searched and with an irked expression on her face she begins to hand over the goods, throwing some on the floor.

After unloading everything, the woman hastily storms out of the store.


The episode and the publicity it has generated isn’t doing anything to ease tensions with the local Muslim community, though there is no evidence that the woman was actually a Muslim. The hijab as a shoplifting tool might simply have been a convenient means of obfuscating both the stolen items and her identity.

The hijab is an effective tool for smaller items, but what it you have more ambitious objects in mind? That’s when the potato-sack lines of the typical burqua come in handy. Check out this woman below. She’s got it down. Only there’s a camera.

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