UPDATE: The father in the video, identified as Tavis Sellers, has been charged with domestic assault and battery and posted a $5,000 bond. He voluntarily turned himself into police on Friday.

Sellers claims that along with teaching his son a lesson he was also teaching him a lesson about self defense. However, that story isn’t cutting it with police. [Scroll down for video]

ORIGINAL STORY: Kids these days. No respect. They need to be taught a lesson–or at least that’s what happened to an un-named 17 year old who decided to skip class. His father, as a last resort, set up a boxing ring in his living room and went toe-to-toe with his son. Let the lesson begin.

This could have been enough of a lesson, but the father wanted to make a point. It wasn’t about the beating the kid would take as much as the embarrassment he’d face when the father live-streamed the event on FaceBook

And just to be clear, this wasn’t the first time that the son had skipped out on class. The boy had justified his actions by pointing the finger at his teachers.

“Granted, I know teachers can be fucked up,” the father said about his son’s truancy, “so I let him know he can walk out of class, but [I’d told him to] call me so I’m on [his] side,” he said. “All day went by. He didn’t call.”

boxing dad1

So there you have it. The boy had received an outstretched hand. Probably more than once, and he chose to ignore it. The next hand that was outstretched had a boxing glove on it.

“I’ve got sons, and I treat them like men. He gonna get this work like a young man, which is twofold: discipline for not following my directions, secondly, teaching him how to defend himself,” he said. “I ain’t worried about blood.”

boxing dad2

Is this the answer to all of our parenting woes? I’m considering it. I’ve got a boy I’ve thought about boxing a time or two. My problem is that if I took a swing at him, I’d have to answer to his mother. And I guarantee I’d end up bloody.

Still, it is something to consider. And I bet there would be more respect in the schools if this kid could get in the ring with some of his teachers.

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