Talk about police brutality…. When this inmate decided he’d taste a bit of freedom, and resist officers’ attempts to bring him back inside, he was taught a lesson the hard way–one that won’t let him sit comfortably for weeks.

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Check out this wedgie. That’s really all this is about. There’s a story underneath, and that story must have its own compelling elements of human drama, but–the video–at its core, this is epic. And not just the wedgie. Fans of wedgies will rejoice, but there’s a whole other level at work.

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So, the story…. An inmate in New Orleans escaped, sort of. He sat on a roof ledge of the district courthouse Tuesday July 5 to have a smoke, after he’d given his guards the slip during a bathroom break. He was on his way to court.

Devontay Jenkins is 18. He’s facing burglary and weapons charges. Instead of facing the charges, he escaped and then stripped down to his drawers and ignored the order of the officers who found him for more than an hour, sitting just out of their reach.

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He was eventually lured in by guards who were offering him cigarettes. And this is where I think the video becomes something transcendent. When he came over to talk to the officers, presumably to get more cigarettes, they grabbed him.

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Jenkins had threatened to jump from the ledge, 2 1/2 stories up.

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Whe I first pushed play on this one, I was routing for the cops. I have to admit that. And, if I were only judging this by the wedgie, I’d say that the cops won. But if you look at the way Jenkins just keeps on smoking his cigerette while the officers yank him in, I think you’ll see what I mean.

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Jenkins won. This battle, at least.

The sheriff’s office, concerned about the incident, say “an investigation is being conducted into this incident.”

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Sheriff Marlin Gusman praised the “professional response” of deputies Thomas Sutherland, Bennie Collura and Lance Wade, who pulled Jenkins back inside.

“While we are satisfied that everyone is safe, this incident highlights the need for a permanent holding area for inmates,” Gusman wrote in a statement. “For more than two years, the Docks Committee has studied the proposals and this incident highlights the urgency to take action.”

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