Explosive Bait Box: Covers Package Thief in Poo [VIDEO]

This homeowner has had enough of an alleged package thief roaming the neighborhood. It got so out of hand that he decided they needed to take action against the thief.

So the idea of the “bait box” came to fruition. What better way to discourage a neighborhood package thief than to make an explosive bait box full of fecal matter?


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With hidden cameras set up all around the homeowner’s property, all that was left was to put the bait box in place as if UPS or Fedex had just dropped off a package earlier that day.

The real kicker about this fantastic idea is that once the box is moved from its original position, there is a timer that delays the explosion for 45 seconds – hopefully just long enough to get the package in your car. Genius!


It isn’t long until our package thief drives past the home where the bait box awaits. The package thief is in the passenger seat of a silver car that drives past a few times to make sure the coast is clear. After their third drive-by, the thief decides enough driving around; it is time to strike.

Walking right up to the homeowner’s front door in broad daylight, the thief looks at the package, kneels down and picks it up. The 40-second countdown has begun.


The thief calmly walks off with the package, as surely he has done many of times before, back to the car with the waiting driver.

At first, the homeowners were worried that the timer was set for too long and they won’t be able to catch the thief getting blasted on video, but fortunately, the reaction is caught just in time.

WHOOF! The thief is slapped in the face with a face full of poop. You can see him scurry out of the car, apparently throwing up. Can you say, “karma?”


It’s about time that this package thief’s reign came to an abrupt and justified end. It is unclear if the homeowner brought the video to the local authorities, but one thing is for certain, the thief will forever be haunted by this experience. Hopefully, this will discourage him in the future from meddling with packages that aren’t his.



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