Some crime is completely senseless. This is one of them. But there’s something larger at work. Since this takes place in California, I think it is safe to call it Karma.

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Watch the video below and you’ll see what I mean. One of these clowns hops a low fence and tries to pull the American flag fro its secure position on the porch’s support column. It doesn’t go well. He wrestles with it for a minute before finding the catch that’s holding it secure.

campbell 1

When he does manage to get it free, we can see he intends to steal it. That emotion rolling up inside doesn’t last long, though, because the thief bites it going back over the fence.

In his haste to escape, he ends up on his ass. And it looks painful. This is one of the more gratifying moments of this piece, but it is far from over.

campbell 5

The real moment of profound satisfaction comes when he tries to get up. You can hear some vague expletives being muttered from the sidewalk, but it is clear that this is painful for him. As it should be.

So what do you make of this? Is it youthful indiscretion? Is it a simple act of vandalism, or something larger? These two idiots are suspected of stealing three flags from this Campbell, California neighborhood on the same night.

campbell 2

The crime is out of character for this close knit community. Campbell is a small town, one defined by a quaint downtown and an old-school water-tower. It is as close to small-town America as you can get in California.

I am certainly sad to see this kind of anti-American sentiment. I would be a hypocrite if I stood in judgment of their simple act of mischief, but there were some things I refused to malign–and the flag is foremost among them.

campbell 4

The Police Department in Campbell is looking for assistance in identifying these model citizens. If you have any insight on who they two men are, or if one of your sketchy Cali friends is limping this week, give them a call.

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