MSNBC’s Chris Hayes hosts a panel discussion style show in prime-time. You’d think that the “journalist” would be even-keeled, and respect his role as a moderator. But Hayes stepped out today and voiced an opinion about the latest spate of American terror.

“We’re ‘Very Lucky’ Terrorists Used Bombs Instead of Guns,” Hayes tweeted. The internet was fast to respond and Hayes is still in the proverbial hot-seat for what many see as a very callous and misguided comment.


So here’s how it all began:

While there were no serious injuries in the bombings that occurred in New Jersey, 29 people were wounded by the bomb in New York. What’s more, the bombs themselves achieved their intended purpose: which was to terrorize Americans. Even now, authorities are not sure that they’ve found all of the explosive devices.

And let’s not forget that Ahmad Khan Rahami did use a gun. When police found him Monday morning, they entered into a shootout with the suspect, and two police officers were wounded. One was shot in his bullet-proof vest, and the other was shot in the hand.

But look at the responses he’s received.

Fans of Loesch may be shocked at her restraint. Some statements are so bone-headed that you don’t have to say much. Yet, while some relied on tasteful understatement, others went for dramatic irony.

For the victims of the bombing, nothing will ever be the same. No public place will ever seem safe again.

Apparently Hayes hadn’t gotten the message the first time, so he kept at it. We’re glad he’s feeling good. And publicly pointing out that you’re not capable of defending your position isn’t really a point of pride.

After several hours of being battered, Hayes tried to talk his way out of the whole debacle:

If this wasn’t some grand statement about guns, what was it exactly?

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