Bullfights have an inherent element of danger built into the sport. The bull, which dies every fight, occasionally gets the upper hand on the matador. And when they do, the result is an almost instant viral hit.

This one-eyed matador knows this all too well, as he’s been the subject of a number of embarrassing viral videos. In the latest, he takes on a bull who takes gores him in the same eye another bull managed to hit years earlier.


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You read that right. The matador only has one eye because his other was punctured when he was gored years earlier. And this bull hit him in the same empty eye-socket.


You might think that someone with little functional depth perception might chose a different occupation. No. Juan Jose Padilla, who fans of the absurd call “The Pirate” is willing to step into the ring with a massive angry animal even though he lacks the stereoscopic vision needed to let him know just how close the animal is.


At least this bull caught him in the same bad eye. Then it stomped on Padilla’s chest. The incident must have been horrifying for the crowds at the El Pilar Feria at the La Misericordia bullring in Zaragoza, but the internet sees it as good-clean-fun.


The 43-year-old, who fell to the floor after being charged at by the 100-stone animal, held the left side of his face in agony as worried officials rushed to help him.


Padilla was hit hard by the 1,400 pound animal. He immediately fell, and then the bull landed on his stomach. Rescuers rushed to his aid.


Padilla has a bad history with bulls. He lost one eye five years ago. In that incident, the bull’s horn entered  under his jaw and exited through his eye socket.


His face was reconstructed with titanium plates. That didn’t stop him, though. Back in May, he was tossed by a bull in Madrid.


No word yet on how soon Padilla will be back in the ring.


The video below shows the hit. It is fast, and the action starts about 10 seconds in on the video.


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