When a pregnant clerk stood up to a robber who tried to snatch money from her hand, the situation in the Ohio continence store turned ugly. But the would-be robber hadn’t counted on Angel Gonzalez and he industrial sized fire extinguisher.

When we see this sort of security camera footage, we’re accustomed to some typical behaviors. The worst are the ones that the police release when asking for help identifying a suspect. Some of the most rewarding end with the assailant clutching at an extra hole or two in his torso.

robbery 2

But this! It is almost like something you would have seen on the WWF back in the late 80’s.

Desiree Hunt, who happens to be 8 months pregnant, was helping a customer when he lunged across the counter to snatch some cash from her hand. Hunt pulled away from the man, leaving him empty handed. But he wasn’t finished–he jumped over the counter and assaulted her.

If you look at the early moment of this scene on the footage, it looks–at first–like the jackass wants to dance. Hunt, fearing for the safety of her unborn baby, turned away form the man and shielded herself the best she could. But it wasn’t enough to dissuade the idiot, who simply kept leaping onto her back.

That’s when another employee grabs the man from behind. He and the store manager, Angel Gonzalez, wrestle the man off of her. The man wraps him up tight and throws the robber to the floor. And then Gonzalez, the avenging Angel, finds the perfect solution.

robbery 1

Here’s a tip: don’t mess with Gonzalez. And if she’s holding a fire extenguisher, you best move away. Fire extinguishers are often made of steel, and they’re heavy. I’ve seen them used as battering rams, but I’ve never seen anything like this.

Gonzalez goes to town on this dude. Plain and simple.

robbery 4

“I got him to the ground and I just started beating him with the fire extinguisher,” Gonzalez said after. “We worked so hard, you know, to bring this store up, only for losers like that to come in and take it all from us…. I just want them to know we’re done.”

Done. Yes. Well done. Hell, I’ve eaten steaks in Texas that were not this well done.

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