Teen Burglars Kill Man’s Dog, But the Man has a Gun

A homeowner in Louisville, Kentucky shot two teenagers after the boys broke into his house last Wednesday.

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The two misguided juveniles broke into the home, assuming it was unoccupied. When they were confronted by the family dog, they killed it.

Unfortunately for the teenage miscreants, the home was occupied and the occupant had a gun. After the death of his dog and the felonious act of unlawful entry, the homeowner did not hesitate to open fire.

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The gun fire must have come as more of a surprise than the dog, and the boys were less well equipped to handle it. They fled. But not before both were shot.

“Pop, pop, pop! And there was a pause, and then, pop, pop!” Charles Graham, a neighbor, told Louisville’s WDRB News. “And then a couple seconds later, he was running down the street saying his brother got shot.”

The pair, in need of some immediate medical attention, were easily apprehended.

“I mean, it’s a shame that you have to protect your house like that,” said Gary Dickman, who lives near where the shooting took place, “but someone comes in your house like that while you’re home, then I guess you have that right.”

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Dickman went on to describe an event preceding this one in which he’d personally confronted four teenagers who were attempting to break into the same house where these two were shot. In that instance, the four bolted and fled. No shots were fired, and the four were not apprehended.

There’s a lesson in here somewhere. While Dickman and others in the neighborhood are installing cameras and security systems, others are taking matters of self defense more personally.

Both of the burglars are expected to survive, and there’s no word yet on charges being filed.

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