On the whole, the type of thug that targets your average corner convenience store isn’t known for his high IQ. Still, you’d think that these would-be robbers in Houston would have at least cased inside the joint. They could have taken a look at the clerk and thought twice about their plans.

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The 24 year old clerk in this story, Mayura Dissanayake, is an MMA fighter. He also has hair that makes Fabio jealous. Dissanayake was killing time behind the counter, waiting–I guess–for his next practice session. And then he got his opportunity.

MMA Clerk 1

When one of his coworkers returned from the bank, violence erupted. A car full of thugs (who had been waiting on the bank run) fell on Dissanayake’s coworker in the parking lot of the store. Three of them began beating the man, and one tried stripping the deposit bag from his hands.

But it didn’t take long for Dissanayake to clear the counter and get into the fight. He went in swinging and kicking.He kicked the first man in the face, and then landed two quick punches on a man who has to weigh twice as much as he does.

Though there’s no audio on the recording, I can imagine what some of the exclamations from the thugs.

He used the element of surprise and overwhelming force to incapacitate the assailants. Despite being outnumbered, Dissanayake managed to wade through everyone with hardly any effort.

Be sure to watch to the end. One of the guys doesn’t make it back to the car. The other two start to drive off, and then one of the thugs hops out to go rescue his friend. Not a good decision.

It actually looks more like the type of fight Hollywood would like for you to believe really happens than an all out rumble with armed thugs in the parking lot of a Houston gas station, but this one is real.

MMA Clerk 2

After the event, Dissanayake has gone on to become a bit of a local celebrity. He’s continued his fighting career, too, taking his parking lot skills into the ring against people who actually volunteer to fight with him.

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