Authorities are not speaking publicly about the location of Omar Mateen’s wife, but the family in Fort Pierce, Florida has said that Noor Salman, who knew about her husband’s plans to attack the Pulse, is no longer “in the area.” This has authorities, and many others, worried.


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An unknown number of family members have gathered in Fort Pierce. Seddique Mateen, the father of the Orlando massacre shooter Omar Mateen, has been the mouthpiece of the family in the wake of the shooting. He said Wednesday that his daughter-in-law, Noor Salman, was “no longer here.” He would not elaborate on that, or provide any more specific information about her whereabouts.


Reporters have been camped outside of the house for days now, and are obviously watching it closely–yet none noted her departure. She’s reportedly been cooperating with the police. The latest revelation is that she and Mateen exchanged text messages during the attack.

St. Lucie County sheriff’s deputies checked the house, and even went inside, but the deputies left after their brief visit and did not comment. And this, alone, has people asking questions.


Seddique Mateen asked reporters to leave the Fort Pierce house. Now that Noor Mateen is not inside, he’s questioning why the reporters would stay.

“This morning my grandson was asking for his father, so that really hurt me really bad,” Seddique Mateen said. “And I was thinking about the families of the victims. They have kids and they lost their loved ones.”


Most of the people who are fixated on this story are appalled by the revelations that Noor Salman knew about the attacks. And the father, Seddique, is attracting his fair share of hate.

Seddique Mateen told WPTV-Ch. 5 that the Pulse needed more security. “They should have enough security when 300 to 400 people come to the business, they should have good security,” he said.

Still, the question remains. Is Noor Salman on the run, avoiding prosecution? And who is it that’s aiding in her escape?

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