I can’t get enough of politics. Just when you think we can all agree on something, like the simple supposition that terrorism is bad, along comes someone to slap me across the face. The slap today? Thomas Salby, a German man who yelled insults at the 18 year old gunman in Munich last month, is now facing charges for his brave actions.

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The video below is in German. But the message is clear enough. The gunman in question stepped out on the roof of the parking garage, and was–by all accounts–still on the loose. Salby saw him from his balcony, and started yelling at the man.

Ali Sonboly, the idiot with the gun, had lured people–most of them young–into the mall by promising them free food from McDonald’s. Then he shot them. He killed 9 and wounded 16 others.

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Salbey heard the shooting, and went out on his balcony. He saw the mass shooter run and reload his gun. Then Salbey, 57, threw a beer bottle at him.

Salbey then hurled insults at the killer. Loosely translated, Salby called him a “wanker,” a “f***ing asshole,” a “f***ing foreigner” and told him “your head should be cut off.”

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Sonboly shouted back “because of you I was bullied for 7 years.”  Then he took several shots at Salbey.

“All I had was a beer bottle to throw at him,” Salbey told the Daily Mail. “If I had a gun … I’d have shot him in the head.”

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From all of this, you might be wondering what kind of accolades Germany would bestow on Salby. Not the case. Even though he distracted the gunman, kept his attention on him, and even got shot at–all giving more time to the authorities who were still not engaging the madman, Salby is being investigated for an obscure crime that includes “insults to the detriment of the dead.”

Florian Weinzierl, spokesman from the Munich State Prosecutor’s office, confirmed that Salbey is being investigated.

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