Magazines. The media loves to demonize magazines. If it weren’t for the guns themselves, the mainstream media would find a way to blame mass-shooting casualties on the magazines themselves. And then they’d likely call them “clips.”

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Well here are the details on California’s new attempts to take the sting out of what they lovingly call “assault rifles.”

The old-school push-button mag release:

The push-button magazine release on the AR-15 was just too fast. With even half a brain, and a little bit of training, most shooters can drop a magazine from the AR-15 with their right hand, while their left hand is moving a new magazine into place. The motion is fluid and requires very little time.

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As a result, those skilled in the practice can knock out mag changes, and stay in the fight.

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That is too much for California politicians to handle, so they enacted legislation making this type of magazine change device illegal. What took its place?

The “Bullet-Button.”

This is a bullet-button system broken down. It has a simple shielded case that houses the button and prevents all but the smallest of objects from entering in to depress the release.

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The Bullet-Button is like a mag release, but you had to slow down long enough to push in a very small lever that rested in place of the mag release. If you tried with your finger, you couldn’t do it. If you poked at the lever with the tip of a round of .223, the pointy end of the bullet would depress the lever and you could then pull the magazine free.

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And there were lots–and I mean some pretty half-baked ideas to make it work.

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This wasn’t fast, but…. When you consider what’s now replaced this system, the old Bullet-Button seems like greased lightning.

The Bullet Button Reloaded

Now California politicians want you to dismantle the firearm to change the magazine. With an AR-15, this means separating the “upper”–the part that contains the barrel and receiver, from the “lower”–the part that houses the trigger, grip, stock, hammer, etc.

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Can you imagine getting into the middle of a fire-fight and having to take down your rifle in order to reload? The concept is wholly absurd. It is dangerous. This system will, sooner or later, be directly responsible for the death of a law-abiding citizen.

Only those stupid enough to obey California’s laws would ever have a gun like this. And if you ever find yourself up against someone intent on breaking multiple laws–like those who murder or commit acts of terrorism frequently do–you can bet your ass they will have rifles that can readily accept magazines in the traditional, and now illegal fashion.

Here’s Darin Prince, inventor of the original Bullet-Button, to show how this whole new system will work. He does a better job than I could, as it is pretty convoluted. Just know that the new button won’t depress without the upper and lower opening up. That’s why he has the new ripcord on the rear take-down pin.

If you need a workaround for the other ridiculous California gun laws, I recommend checking out a move to Utah or Arizona.

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