An Alabama home intruder is in the hospital today after targeting a home for a second time, and meeting one badass 11-year-old with a gun.

Chris Gaither, the badass 11-year-old, said he was home alone Wednesday morning when he heard the noise of someone breaking into his home.

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He grabbed a 9mm handgun the family keeps for protection and encountered an intruder.


“When he was coming down the stairs, that’s when he told me he was going to kill me, f-you and all that,” Chris┬ásaid.

Carrying a laundry basket full of the family’s possessions, the intruder ran for the door. That’s when Chris opened fire.

Just as the intruder was about the jump a fence, the 11-year-old’s 12th and final shot struck home, hitting the bad guy in the leg.


“I shot through the hamper he was carrying,” Chris told reporters. “it was a full metal jacket bullet. It went straight through the back of his leg.”

“He started crying like a little baby,” the 11-year-old added.

Chris said his best guess is that the crook just didn’t believe he was armed.

“When I pulled the gun out on him, I guess he didn’t think it was a real gun because he didn’t worry about it,” Gaither said. “He just kept on walking.”

Police have not released the name of the suspect, but Chris’s┬ámother says they don’t know the man, but he has robbed their house before.


“I hope you learn your lesson coming to this house, trying to steal stuff,” Chris said when asked if he had any words for the intruder.

The intruder was taken to an area hospital. His condition is unknown.

The local newscaster sums it up best when he said: “Kid knows his ammo, his weapons, and he’s not afraid to fire the gun.”

This is hardly the first time we’ve discussed kids doing what they need to in order to protect themselves and their families.

There was the 13-year-old in South Carolina who grabbed his mom’s gun and shot two intruders, wounding one and killing the other.

Then we have a Georgia teen who used his realistic looking airsoft rifle to scare off a pair of home invaders.

And a Las Vegas 14-year-old who grabbed his .22 caliber rifle to defend his siblings when their home was invaded.

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