Miniature belt-fed miniature machine guns that fire .22LR? Shut up and take my money!

This bring a whole new meaning to “a pocketful of awesome”.

The guns were originally designed by Tippman, well known for paintball equipment, before being sold to Lakeside Machine. Sadly, Lakeside Machine went out of business and with it, my dreams of a .22LR machine gun equipped midget special forces unit.

There are still several hundred of the guns available in civilian hands although parts are becoming scarce. The community of owners is passionate about their pint-sized weapons, as they should be.

Owners even went so far as to create links for the guns:

If you prefer your miniature machine guns to be more portable, consider this:

For a modern twist, Andrew from GY6 Vids grabbed a full auto Ruger 10/22 and went to town with some tracers:

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