A republican president, with a republican senate, and a republican house…. Could 2017 be any better for gun rights? Not if you’re judging by the political climate. Trump has a lot of work ahead of him, but the task should be easy.

Here’s a list of reforms the President-Elect should enact, and fast. Now is the time to do away with the ridiculous laws that only inconvenience law abiding Americans and really bolster the Second Amendment.


Ensure Concealed Carry Reciprocity

Most states have tolerant concealed carry laws, yet most still require those who want to carry to maintain a license for the “privilege” of carrying. Kill that now. Anyone who can legally own a gun should be allowed to carry it. And there shouldn’t be state restrictions that prevent someone from carrying a gun across state lines. If you can legally carry a gun in one state, you should be able to legally carry that gun in every state.


Repeal the NFA

Silencers are one of the best safety devices available for guns, yet the process to obtain them (regulated by the National Firearms Act) is cumbersome and expensive. The same goes for short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns and machine-guns. There’s no compelling evidence suggesting that existing legislation prevents crimes, so the current regulations are only an encumbrance to those who already obey laws.


Reform Background Checks

We need an overhaul of the existing background check system. The new system should address the needs that exist now–namely updates to the list of who is or isn’t prohibited from owning a firearm. The new system also needs more realistic questions about mental health. As Bob Owens form Bearingarms.com suggests, a new system would “help people in crisis obtain the help they need, and ensure that fears of losing their Second Amendment rights won’t keep people from seeking help for a temporary but important mental health crisis.”

Appoint a Supportive Supreme Court Judge

This goes beyond gun rights, obviously, but there is an open seat now. Trump may be tasked with filling two others during his term. There’s hope for conservatives, as Trump’s choices could easily shape the future of the court for decades. If there is one bright spot for the Second Amendment’s supporters, it is this.

Allow Carry on Military Bases

While this may seem like less of a practical concern for most American civilians, active duty military personnel should be allowed to carry firearms while on base. As we’ve seen numerous times in the last few years, our men and women in uniform are targets. Bases are soft targets. That seems oxymoronic, but it is true. Give soldiers the tools to defend themselves, train them well, and then allow them to carry those tools at their discretion, the same way anyone off-base would do.


End Imports Restrictions

There are numerous examples of historically significant firearms that America sent to our allies during years surrounding World War II and the Korean War. Trump can implement The Collectible Firearms Protection Act which will bring many of these old M1 Garands, M1 Carbines, and M1911 pistols home. The government, for years, has found excuses not to bring these guns back into the United States. Now’s the time.


Model the Behavior

Nothing shows support for the Second Amendment like active participation in shooting sports and armed self-defense. Just look at Rick Perry’s example. Trump needs to find his niche, and be seen shooting. And he needs the training to be safe and proficient. Model the behavior. Normalize it. De-stigmatize guns.


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