8 Times AR-15’s Were Used For Self Defense [VIDEO]

The AR-15 and other semi-automatic rifles are often vilified in the media and popular culture for their cosmetic resemblance to military weapons and their use by many mass murderers over the years.

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However, in addition to many sporting purposes the AR-15 is also a popular defensive firearm. Its light weight, relatively short frame, low recoil and ease of aim make it a popular long gun choice for home defense, a role that was fulfilled largely by shotguns in the past.

Despite the fact that the sales of most AR-15’s having taken place in the last decade, there are already several documented examples of law abiding citizens successfully using these firearms for self defense. Please note, this is not a comprehensive list of all of the times an AR-15 was used for self defense, but is only a small sampling of media documented cases.

1. A 15 year old boy used his dad’s AR-15 to defend himself and his sister from home invaders in Texas.

A 15 year old TX boy and his 12 year old sister are home alone when two burglars try to break into their home.

That’s when the boy used quick thinking and used his dad’s AR-15 to defend his home, and 12 year old sister from 2 home invaders who had broken into his home.

One suspect was hit multiple times. The boy and his sister were not harmed.

2. A store owner used an AR-15 to fight off multiple suspects who drove a vehicle into his store.

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Three armed robbers met a store owner armed with an AR-15 and left with gunshot wounds aplenty. And it was all caught on camera.

“The persons who tried to break into his store that night not only intended to steal but I think they intended to kill him,” attorney John Schiro

Surveillance footage shows the robbers using a stolen van to ram through concrete pillars in front of the store. Having already had an employee shot during an armed robbery last year, store owner Rami Murrar responded by arming himself with his AR-15 rifle.

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“When Mr. Murrar saw these fellows, he immediately, because he saw they were armed, and that they saw him, and they were really making eye contact like ‘Are you really going to come in?’ He momentarily didn’t realize that his pistol was right there. He went into the back room and got the rifle that he used,” Schiro said.

3. A private security guard used an AR-15 to stop a violent armed robbery being carried out by multiple suspects and it was caught on video.

A pair of armed robbers stormed into a tax preparation office in Detroit, MI and put a gun to the receptionists head.

That’s when a security guard at the business grabbed a stashed AR-15 and opened fire on the would be robbers. The robbers exchanged fire with the guard before fleeing the store.

The security guard suffered a wound to his leg, but no one else was hurt.

4. Many times, shots are not even fired during a defensive gun use.

According to IronMountainDailyNews.com, Two young men, aged 17 and 18, thought they would have an easy time robbing a gas station that was closed for the night.

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The two men broke into the Michigan gas station just after 4am. They did not realize that the owner was in the store at the time.

The owner, an Iraq War vet, approached the suspects, kicked one to the floor and then retrieved an AR-15 style rifle he keeps in his office.

The owner leveled the rifle at the suspects, and one of them removed his mask to plead with the owner not to shoot them.

The suspects then fled the store, but the owner recognized the suspect who removed his mask and was able to identify him to police, resulting in the capture of both suspects a short time later.

Both suspects were charged with breaking and entering.

5. Here is another example of the mere presence of an AR-15 stopping a violent crime.

A resident in the Rochester area of NY heard a noise early in the morning in January of 2013 according to WHAM.

There were 2 would be burglars in the home. One of the suspects pointed a gun at one of the residents of the home, while another resident retrieved their own gun, an AR-15, and pointed it at the two would be burglars, who then fled.

No shots were fired and no one was injured.

6. A homeowner in North Carolina confronted an armed home invader using his AR-15

Jonathan Haith awoke at 9:45am to find an armed home invader in his home. Fortunately, he had time to grab the AR-15 he keeps loaded under the bed according to WRAL.

“I heard the loud bang in the laundry room area,” he said.

“I crouched down, grabbed the firearm and was walking up the hallway,” he said. “As soon as I poked my head around the corner I saw a tall male standing there with a gun.”

“He shot first, I shot second,” he said. “He missed and I reckon I connected.”

7. There was the time that the mere mention of an AR-15 made a home invader lock himself in a bathroom for safety.

Just the mention of a semi-auto rifle effectively ended a home invasion that was being committed by four individuals wearing ski masks.

According to local media reports, five men, at least two of whom were armed, attempted a home invasion of a Fort Wayne, Indiana home.

One of the suspects encountered an individual armed with a handgun on the top floor of the home. The suspect, who was armed with a crowbar, locked himself in a bathroom out of fear.

When one of the other residents of the home yelled for the resident on the top floor to “grab the AR”, the remaining three suspects immediately fled the home.

8. A Pennsylvania homeowner used an AR-15 to stop a home invader who was high on drugs.

According to local media reports:

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A 20-year-old male resident of the apartment, whom police have not identified, was outside talking with his girlfriend Friday night when Jasper Brisbon, age 29 and a resident of Washington Lane in Lynnewood Gardens who was unknown to the man and woman, walked up to them, Frye said. Brisbon appeared to be high and was speaking incoherently and stopped and stared at the couple for about three minutes, he said. The couple felt uncomfortable and went back to the Massey Way apartment, where the male resident thought the door was locked and began to knock on the door to get his mother or brother inside to let him in, but Brisbon followed and was getting closer, Frye said.

The man then tried the doorknob and the door opened and Brisbon, who was mumbling incoherently the entire time, forced his way inside between the man and woman, the lieutenant said. The man went to his bedroom and grabbed his AR-15 rifle and confronted Brisbon who “came after him,” and the man “was in fear for his life” as well as the others in the apartment and fired one shot, striking Brisbon, who fell to the floor, Frye said.

The suspect was transported to an area hospital where he died of his injuries. The shooting was later ruled justifiable by authorities.

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